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What is MobaCoin


Mobacoin is a digital currency that we created as tokens that we specialize in for mobaexchange, mobacoin is designed using a contract smart ethereum. using code specify ERC-20.

Function of mobacoin

  1. Digital currency

Mobacoin was created so that it can be used as a global digital currency, which can be used by all cryptocurrency users throughout the world.

  1. Main fiat

Mobacoin is also created as the main fiat in the future moba exchange. we also target mobacoin to enter many Exchange.

  1. Main pair

We will use Mobacoin as one of the pairs on the mobaexchange.

  1. Purchasing products

Mobacoin will be used to purchase products in our marketplace.

  1. Exchange fees

You can use mobacoin to buy anything in our exchange,

power of Blockchain

Tokenization Benefits

blockchain is a new technology that has grown rapidly now. Apart from being a transaction tool, blockchain is also widely used as a place to save money with very high security features. Blockchain is very difficult to hack and has a clear transfer structure.

Bitcoin is the first crypto to utilize the blockchain as a transaction feature with a very high level of security, after that the blockchain is also utilized by the Tehereum network by creating its own blockchain-based network, the utilization has been a recurring for many companies and industries to take great advantage from the blockchain advantage.


What is ERC-20

ERC-20 is a technical standard used for smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain to implement tokens. ERC stands for Ethereum Request for Comment, and 20 is the number assigned to this request. Most tokens issued on the Ethereum blockchain are compatible with ERC-20. many tokens used the erc-20 as their smart contract.

ensure a safe

Adaptive Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are computer protocols intended to facilitate, verify or enforce negotiations or digital contract performance. Smart contracts allow credible transaction performance without third parties. These transactions can be tracked and cannot be recovered. smart contract consists of several code designs that have full functionality in the network. many companies including even the world’s central banks now believe that smartcontract is very safe to use as a transaction network. besides being safe, smartcontract also has an incredible transaction speed. in just seconds.

What is MobaExchange

Best MobaExchange Features

MobaExchange is a special multiple exchange with 2 features at the same time, namely as crypto currency exchange and marketplace as a place to buy daily necessities. mobaex will use mobacoin as the main fiat exchange and exchange marketplace.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

MobaExchange is designed as a place to trade crypto assets

Marketplace (Online Shop)

MobaExchange also functions as a place to purchase several electronic products and others

The advantages of MobaeXchange

Why choose MobaExchange

Fee is affected, we will make sure when Mobaex is opened. no more expensive fees for trading fees. we will make a very low fee for everyone. And this is also included for initial fees

Safe, easy, complete and reliable.

we will design additional withdrawal features according to the needs of the members. such as enhancers to bank withdrawals, paypal, scriis and others.

KYC, useful to avoid using fake account and keep scammer away

Burn Event

Introduce of Burn Event

We will burn up to 500,000,000 MBC of moboin in each of our quarters. check the roadmap. our goal is to reduce MBC’s total supply. and keep the price of mobacoin stable


Token Sale

MobaCoin now cay buy on SISTEMKOIN.COM, get your bonus up to 30%

IEO Stage 1
20 may 2019

30 Days

30% BonusSoft Cap$4,2M
IEO stage 2
21 june 2019

30 Days

20% Bonussoftcap Cap$1,5M
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IEO List
IEO Start at 20 may 2019


  • Token Name MobaCoin
  • IEO Start 20 may 2019
  • IEO End 21 july 2019
  • Token Sale in first IEO 150,000,000
  • IEO Price $0,044
  • Accept payment ETH, BTC, USD
  • Max circulating supply 300,000,000
  • Sale duration 60 Days

Token Allocation

  • Token Burn (50%)
  • Token Sale (25%)
  • Token lock for next years (20%)
  • Team, Advisors and project (2%)
  • Airdrop, bounty and Event (3%)

Fund Allocation

  • (90%) project development, update system, team recruit, promotion, partner and others
  • (10%) will be saved as a backup to deal with emergencies or unexpected events, situations that might arise.

Get Free MBC

We have prepared 10,000,000 MBC to be given free of charge to MBC members. to get MBC for free is by following our airdrop program:

Airdrop Program

we will share 40 MBC / participant that follows our airdrop. and 5 MBC per referral invited to join our airdrop program.

Details of airdrop rules:

  • Must follow the rules in telegram bot
  • Fake account will be permanently banned and will not get 1 MBC.

Additional Prize

Additional prizes for airdrop participants.

participants who have the highest number of referrals will get additional rewards from us. we will choose 5 people with the highest number of referrals to be given 30,000 MBC with an estimated 15 Eth.

  • 1st 10,000 MBC
  • 2st 8,000 MBC
  • 3st 6,000 MBC
  • 4th 4,000 MBC
  • 5th 2,000 MBC

Road Map

2019 Q1
  • Project Concept
  • Project Published
2019 Q2
  • Airdrop Start
  • ICO Start
2019 Q3
  • Aidrop End
  • Cooperation Planning
  • ICO end
  • Work for MobaEx building
  • MobaCoin listing program
  • 200M MBC burned
2019 Q4
MobaEx Platform
  • MobaEx Testing
  • MobaEx Launching program
  • Open vote in MobaEx
  • Working for E-commerce as features mobaEx
  • 200M MBC burned
  • Marketplace (E-Commerce) Building
  • Marketplace launching program
  • App Building
  • 100M MBC burned
  • Update Roadmap
Meet The Team

Executive team

In choosing team members, the CEO of the project moba has selected and analyzed according to expertise in their respective fields, the experience that must be possessed by a team member is at least 4 years.

Nanda Yusra
CEO & Founder

Martina Edvin
PR Manager

Ryan Adrian

Philip Smart
English Community Manager

Syafiq Hussain

Efi Rofianto
Indonesia Community Manager

Firdaus (Bob)

Hamza Khan
Head Of Marketing


Ragghav sawhney
Marketing Consultant

Ashish Sharma
Digital marketing strategist

Hamza Khan
ICObench Advisor

H syaiban
CEO Garuda token

Nozomu Nakazato
Japan No.1 ICObench Expert

CO-Founder UTD token

Deepanshu Bhatt
Innovative blockchain project

Rubab Arshad
ICO Advisor

MobaCoin Media partner

Exchange partner

MobaCoin Listing Target


Below are some of the Exchange that we are targeting for mobacoin, and some of them we have confirmed for listings after the ICO is complete.


Frequently asked questions

Below we’ve provided a bit of ICO, ICO Token, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

Mobacoin is a digital currency that we created as tokens that we specialize in for mobaexchange, mobacoin is designed using a contract smart ethereum. using code specify ERC-20.

You only can purchase MBC with Ethereum

Sent Minimal 0.05 Eth to MBC Smartcontract

MBC have many function, you can use MBC for trading, buy product or for fee in MobaExchanger

For Softcap only 150.000.000 MBC

we will target for hardcap is 250,000,000 MBC will sold out

yes, we will guarantee for that

ICO is selling public tokens, everyone will know better. while the IEO is selling tokens specifically for market users. only active members can get it.


Get In Touch

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